Sunday, 3 June 2012

Heres A Tip, Don't Invest In Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg displayed how hard times are lately when he spent 32 euros on lunch in Rome's Jewish Ghetto quarter while on honeymoon and didn't leave a tip. Old Knudsen suspects the businesses in the Jewish quarter are used to not getting tips.
Jesus didn't tip at the last supper in fact its believed that JC was betrayed over an argument as to who had the salad when it was time to settle the bill.   

The restaurant owner went to the a local newspaper to express how shocked he was as Zuckerberg had said he had enjoyed the meal ...... maybe the service was shite.
Assuming that Americans are culturally more likely to tip the owner had dollar signs in his eyes. A compliment about the meal and getting his business wasn't enough..... fcuking Romans what have they ever done for us?

Zuckerberg is worth $20 billion, Old Knudsen assumes that amount is the price someone would buy his body for, must be some nutty collector type if you would pay that. Of course $20 billion in US dollars won't get ya fcuk all these days and Facebook doesn't deal in actual money just the idea of having it.... Its like a legal pyramid scheme if ya look at it right.  

 Weemen 3 paces behind and carrying the shopping, Old Knudsen likes his style.

Zuckerberg is an eccentric character, if he wasn't rich he'd be known as a fcuking socially awkward virgin nut job.
His wedding ceremony was done on the cheap and let me guess he was wearing a grey t-shirt at the restaurant. He doesn't have a wardrobe full of them its the same one, he calls it his lucky shirt, the same with his underwear ........... just trust Old Knudsen on that one.

Just look at the lad, hes clueless, it makes it all the more annoying that hes rich.  Its like he stopped developing at the age of 19 and even when he is 80 he'll still try to have the same haircut and blah t-shirt.

You expect people like George Clooney or Johnny Depp to leave a large tip behind because they know how to appreciate people that are still doon there at shit level. Zuckerberg, well you can't expect anything that resembles normal behaviour from him. When his wife Priscilla tells him that she loves him I bet Zuckerberg shakes her hand or sends her a text that says, ' TNX ;)'