Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Gheys Wanting To get Married WTF

The Church of England has warned that ghey marriages would serve to weaken and dilute the institution for everyone.

Old Knudsen and all his ex wives agree. The last thing we need is to have is gheys consummating ....... in the ass all over the shop.

The church of England isn't a dying organization merely trying to stay relevant in a world that doesn't believe fairy stories from role models who have long abused their standing in the community ya know, they is totally important, not as important as the church of Old Knudsen who is having a sale on wedding ceremonies and funeral services, buy one get one half price ......... an offer you can't afford to miss.

Back to ghey marriages, don't make Old Knudsen get celebrity backing to beat you church of England cunts doon, you and yer Henry # 8 ......... boy did he manage to fcuk up this cuntry even in todays world ... him and Lizzie #1.

 Celebs will back Old Knudsen to the end so watch oot!