Saturday, 23 June 2012

Flying Dead Animals

You may have heard the story about some crazy Dutchman (as if there is any other type) making a helicopter from his dead cat Orville.  Pentagon sources close to Old Knudsen have looked into taking the Orvillecopter one step forward and turning it into a military drone to serve in Afghanistan. Of course it won't be the original but dead cats are very easy to cum by. Old Knudsen is actually vying for the role of dead cat supplying contractor.  

Like the Orvillecopter the US drones will also have that surprise buttsex look on their faces to startle the enemy. Used for scoping out streets and clearing rooms they will be equipped with the usual drone vision that lets operators locate their targets and 4 Hellcat anti-personnel missiles to take out those Taliban pussies.

Manchester police are also looking into using a similar drone but with dogs as they have had several sniffer dog deaths this year and want to honour the animals by shoving a little engine up their holes.