Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Facts Are For The Weak!

Ulster's # 1 newspaper (according to them) has done it yet again. Always full of spelling, grammar and factual mistakes ......... You get what you pay for on this blog so fcuk ya.

When the Belfast Telegraph first reported on the story about the shooting on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton it read as follows: "One dead in US shooting"

The last time Old Knudsen looked, the University of Alberta in Edmonton was in Canada not the United States. 
Thats like everyone referring to Belfast as being in Ireland or lets just call Scotland the north of England. Let me guess Belfast Telegraph, New Mexico is in Mexico right? 

This is from the same newspaper that just recently called a young swan a Signet instead of a Cygnet.

For the love of Gog no wonder young people are idiots.