Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Eye That Never Winks

OMG whats happened to her royal majesty's eye? A stroke? a bust up with the stable boys? extreme pink eye? Nope it seems that Prince Philip who has been dead since last year and is currently a zombie bit her royalness probably during some rough Jubilee sex.

Old Knudsen with the insider news knows that her Harley street specialists along with the CIA who created the zombie outbreak currently being explained away as a new drug known as 'Bathsalts' have been working on reversing the effects for the Queen as no one wants Prince Charles to be king not even him.

There is only one cure: 'Shotgun!'

Its a nice day for a zombie apocalypse.

Remember chaps! that gurl with the come to bed cataract eyes may have a secret. She may look clean but how can you really tell? Bitey bitey bad!


The surgeon general suggests liberal application of Forceps and clamps. If the young lady has nothing to hide she certainly wouldn't object to alleviating yer fears.

As for weemen well ya can trust us. We're not cads who would lie just to get their hole. Oh and ladies have you lost weight and found the secret to anti-aging? Yes I'd love to hear about yer day and please do tell me about the money you saved with the coupons at the store oh I could listen to yer voice for hours I'm sure you hear that all the time.

Step inside my van for a moment I think I left my Penny saver catalog in there and its chocked full of money off coupons, I swear even if I won the lottery I'd still clip coupons.  Why yes my van does have a mattress in the back and yes it is sound proof.......... Its like you can see inside my soul you are a very special and intuitive lady.