Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Don't Feed The Trolls

'I'm a boring old troll who lives under the bridge'

Ever wonder what the spamming trolls who leave terrible, distressing, cutting and often anonymous comments on yer blogs look like?
Well we caught ourselves one.  No lets not hang em straight away lets find out through the use of therapy why they are such sad fuckers .............. and then hang em.

Frank Zimmerman a 60 year-old troll got a suspended jail sentence and restraining orders galore after he sent threatening e-mails to a number of famous people such as Lord Sugar the star of the UK Apprentice show also General Sir Mike Jackson formerly the  head of the British Army and David Petraeus a former US Army commander in Iraq and Afghanistan and now director of the CIA.

It was an offensive e-mail to the beautiful Corby MP, Louise Mensch that got him nicked. He said 'Stop using Twitter you hoor or there will be consequences, I'll pretend to be other people and be rude to you hahahahaha!' ......... ok Old Knudsen is paraphrasing here but its what trolls say.

Now we know what they look like we can get em.