Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Creamy Sailor Goodness

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston put on what looked like a forced show of affection on the red carpet during the premiere of Savages in LA.

Showing that the ghey sex allegations made against him were not affecting them.

Kelly Preston stopped with the smooching and proceeded to wipe John's face. A by-stander heard her say, "John you still have sailor jizz around your mouth. " John just gave her a huge smile and said, "tastes like chicken!"

Mr Travolta who is a big fan of semen, soldiers and other serving US personnel has not commented over the allegations but his legal team has strenuously denied it.

Fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise told OBB yesterday as we met unexpectedly at the docks, "I just went through this shit and was found to be totally straight by a judge, I mean, do I look gay? I can only imagine what poor John is going through ....... have to go theres my boat."

Not sure what he was doing at the docks, Old Knudsen was there for the tight arses in bell bottoms, every boat that cums in is like a ghey pride event its wonderful.... and so filling.