Monday, 18 June 2012

Coffin Dodgers Now Have To Dodge Cars


 Pam Fokker the 'it' gurl for Age and Ageing weekly.

A report published in the journal Age and Ageing weekly says that Pedestrian crossings do not allow older people enough time to cross the road.
76% of men and 85% of women have a slower walking speed and so the amount of points you get for hitting one should be decreased doon to um say the average amount of points you get for hitting a drunken hobo for instance which is currently set at 150 .... 200 if you manage to drag the body.

Whats that you say? "How dare you Old Knudsen, I laughed at your anti-gay and gay Jews with cancer remarks and also when you called black people lazy Johnny black fellas but this is it ....... this applies to me and so I shall take offense. My sainted mother was struck down and killed by a car 3 years ago so how dare you sir!"

Um yer mother loved to be rear ended by Old Knudsen's huge throbbing SUV of love so shut the fuck up cunty balls! ........ why do crazy people always write in green?

Ramming old people is way too easy especially on pension day or senior discount at the shops . Getting the old people that go on about how tough it was during the war when in fact they were only aged 8 or something should be more points but Old Knudsen doesn't make the rules.

Age and Ageing weekly is an excellent magazine for us coffin dodgers, it does age simulations  on what the Hollywood stars will look like when old, Kate Winslet is still so wankable.

Old Knudsen would rear end her and give her backlash..... hips may be broken.