Thursday, 21 June 2012

Canada Death Trap

Japanese and their photos. A young woman wasted her life in a totally preventable accident when she climbed a pillar at Niagara falls for a photo op and then ironically fell at the falls about 80 feet into Niagara River.
The woman in her 20's was an exchange student from japan who studying politeness in Toronto.

As per Japanese custom the Canadian student studying in Japan was put to death. 

Though millions of visitors have visited Niagara falls without incident a group 'Niagara death trap' or NDT have calling for a ban of the beautiful cascading water feature. A theme park based on the falls would be a safer place for tourists to visit.

 Would you really like this to be banned? Only haters of nature's beauty would say yes. The woman in this picture is not Japanese but is quite found of Sushi and killing whales.

The woman's body has not been found yet though searchers have found some bloke's body they weren't expecting...... like you do. 

Niagara Parks Police Chief Doug Kane warned that the rules and regulations regarding not climbing over the safety walls are there for a reason eh?  He also urged the public to walk their dogs more as they are always the ones that find the bodies and you just never know how many there are oot there.... eh?

The Japanese weemen in this post probably aren't the one that fell to her probable death they are just what Old Knudsen would presume her to look like. 

She may also look like this.