Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bush Gets A Little Head

Game of thrones, the show famous for its naked weemen and midget sex has caused outrage by pointing out on the DVD commentary that a prop head used in season one looks a little like former presidential fuck up George W Bush.

The lump of rubber bore a striking resemblance to the lump of Republican rubber. The severed head was on top of a pike and was beheaded for being a traitor in the scene where Ned Stark as played by Sean Bean was executed and had his head stuck on a pike..... got it?

The creators of the show apologized for any offense they may have caused and have stated that it was a total coincidence and a case of buying cheap dummy heads that looked like cheap dummies.....

Bush is anything but cheap because while he was cutting programs for the poor, old and sick he gave himself a 50% pay rise making his annual salary $400,000 not including $50,000 for expenses.

Old Knudsen hopes he is now able to get by on the $194,000 pension retired presidents get. Working only 4 years then another just for laughs and getting a pension ......... he isn't as dumb as he looks.

In a statement Mr Bush said, "Its a stoopid and offensive idea, as if I'd betray Joffrey hes a great leader Berrick Obama could learn a lot from him."   

The creators of the show have also said that the dragon that looks like Dick Cheney was also a coincidence.

The writer of Game of thrones George RR Martin looking like a Santa pedo that sails a boat is no coincidence. Everyone will be trying to get that look and soon.