Friday, 15 June 2012

Baby Stem Cells Taste Like Chicken

On day two of her Jubilee tour the Queen stopped by the Lister maternity hospital to grab a snack for the road.
The Queen was on her own as Prince Philip who is actually now a zombie has been chained up inside Buckingham palace undergoing training to stop him from biting otherwise he will have to be put doon. A difficult thing for a Queen to do is have her consort euthanised, Queen Victoria having been the last royal monarch to decide that as a fate for zombie Prince Albert. 

The Queen asked for some Chinese to take back to the Prince but all they had was Korean, "Not like he'll be able to tell the difference" chuckled her majesty referring to Prince Philip's now legendary 'slitty eyes' gaffe and that was before he lost all reason to the zombie virus.