Saturday, 16 June 2012

B And D List Hollywood At War!

Stephen Baldwin was slapped doon like a bitch when he took Kevin Costner to court over shares in water cleaning machines owned by Ocean Therapy Solutions that separate spilled BP oil from pure Gulf of Mexico water. Baldwin sold his shares claiming not to know about a  $52 million dollar deal with BP and that Costner suggested he sell and lied about the deal. 

The jury took 2 hours to agree with Costner that Baldwin knew about the deal but cashed out early and that he was a complete loser with a Hannah Montana tattoo . 

Where is yer God now Stephen Baldwin?

You can trust me I'm kevin Costner and not some smarmy shite with a mid life crisis soul patch.

Old Knudsen trusted Kev when he sold his shares in a Costner developed device called 'The bodyguard' it is forearm armour with taser, flashlight, laser guided camera, bottle opener, pliers, stir stick, radio, cold water and hot drinks dispenser the device ia also PS3 compatible.  So what if its won awards and has just gone through testing for a big police contract, Old Knudsen sees no future in it ..... Robin Hood wouldn't lie.