Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Stars Are Fading

So has anyone cum to realise that its like that part in the movie in which too many bodies have been racked up to still look like a coincidence? "Ya know" says the tough but a little slow police chief "Old man Knudsen may be right, we have a killer on our hands."

About fcuking time!  'The celebrity hacker' He kills famous people and makes it look like an illness such as cancer......... Oh yes hes clever.  A white male, 35 - 50 years old, married but secretly ghey, watches the 'E' channel a little bit too much, knows all about Harry potter and which one Edward is in Twilight. 

Too obvious, but then again he has not given any alibis of his where a bouts during the time of the following celebrity deaths and these are just from this year.    

Old Knudsen can save the day. His plan is this.

We wait until Scarlet Johansson's 10am Thursday dog grooming appointment, she is quite punctual about this, when she drops of little 'Trickle' for his shampoo we jump her in the car park using her car to take her to our safe hoose/sex torture room where Old Knudsen in a gimp mask will ......... no wait wrong plan.

Oh yeah, we happen to mention to David Beckham that Barry Gibb the last remaining Gibb is staying alone at his secluded hoose on top of Devil's point in Maine.  Its worth the risk as Barry is just Barry, the Bee Gees are gone.......................................  Thank fcuk.

May they all rest in peace, next!