Saturday, 5 May 2012

Remember To Eat Fish

Dr Nikolaos Scarmeas from Columbia University Medical Centre in New York says that the conclusion he has come to through guess work and coincidence by studying healthy over 65 year-olds is that eating fish may lower the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

OBB contacted Derek William Dick also known as 'Fish' the former lead singer with the 80's neo- progressive rock band Marillion and asked him about Dr Scarmeas findings.

"Aye well I'm delighted that I can help people in such a way. If eating me or rather sucking my cock reduces the risk of pretty girls getting Alzheimers then I just wanna help."

For those who do not know, Fish is Scottish. Only a Scotsman could be so self sacrificing . Och Old Knudsen promised he wouldn't cry. Now go eat Fish and swallow the healing gravy.  



BBC said...

Interesting that science has proven that swallowing blow jobs reduces the risk of breast cancer. So what is these broads problem with that?

Reggie said...

If my penis were that small it would never see the light of day.