Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rape City Vigilantes

The bright sunny days of spring cheers and softens even  hardened vigilantes. A man/scumbag from Londonderry AKA Derry AKA Rape city has claimed that an Irish paramilitary vigilante group called the Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) threatened to shoot him unless he went on an anger management course.

Usually this group threatens drug dealers and the like but I suppose maybe because that was a little too successful they have now diversified and go for other anti-social activity like stealing cars and burglaries.

The threatened man says he got the blame for stealing a car and so has been targeted. They will shoot you but they won't be shooting angry.

Is it only angry people that steal cars and why do you never hear of any of those charged with rape in Londonderry getting shot? In 2011 there were 23 rapes there in the space of 6 months maybe a car is a more serious issue to vigilantes.
They have done many punishment shootings in the legs of drug dealers and drug users which Old Knudsen is highly in support of and is glad they are branching out.

However is shooting people in the legs not anti-social activity? No wait one 20 year-old was shot in the leg in front of his father so that is quite sociable.

  Hey Mister I'll give you something to make you more sociable.

So whats next  "If ya don't find yerself in 24 hours we'll shoot ya?" 

Old Knudsen would rather get shot than have to do group therapy but since Old Knudsen is never anti-social he doesn't have to worry. After you read this fcuk off!

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