Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pretenders To The Throne

Did Old Knudsen get yer attention? Ya know the way that Old Knudsen is funny all day, sexy all night and cannae die? Well he just looked at a blog tonight and there in the comments was his very own picture with the name 'Old Bitter Balls' and a comment.

Old Knudsen read it and thought, "fcuk me I'll have to stop drinking as me blackouts are back and I'm really not funny when I drink." That last part was a shock to Old Knudsen because wise up, Old Knudsen is always funny.

No it was Old Knudsen's very own personal spammer. Old Knudsen knew that since he had turned off his comments the only thing the spammer could do was talk shite on other people's blogs. It was an obvious move and the only option available and well Old Knudsen doesn't care.

If you get a comment on yer blog feel free to delete it as Old Knudsen will not be making blog comments anymore, he has transcended to a higher level of blogging pureness, oh and if in doubt just e-mail me anyway, me mates have my e-mail address.

  This is the cunt pretending to be me.

Jealous of Old Knudsen's higher ranking on the sex offender's list and his greatness that they pretend to be him to try to emulate the magic ............. but fail.

This post is Old Knudsen's disclaimer, he shall not be mentioning the spammer ever again, no publicity is bad publicity. You cannot be great without having made some enemies, they are a testament to Old Knudsen's greatness, thank you spammers for yet more validation  ........ infect those search engines with Old Knudsen, Ka - Chow!       Suck it and see!