Friday, 25 May 2012

Old Knudsen Sees Yous

Even though Old Knudsen doesn't have his comments enabled ........ some peeps get a blog confused with a chatty room or a forum. Also Old Knudsen hasn't given many of yous his e-mail address but he is still very interested in the sick kind of fcuk that reads his blog.

Old Knudsen glanced at his world map today and saw tossers spread all around the world, South America, North America, that part in between with all the trouble that aid agencies ignore, Africa, India, Gurly boy land, Europe where ever the fcuk that is and also Australia, Viking land, The polite part of North America and Sandsavage land.

Little islands like the UK, New Zealand and Hawaii need a shout out Old Knudsen feels. Then there is that cunt up in yon Alaska, Sarah Palin you stalker, Old Knudsen's cock will no bless you a 40 th time get over it. What you had when I shagged you was special, move on.    

When Old Knudsen looks at his map he also sees the numerous hidden military bases, level SG-19 clearance only which is why Old Knudsen can see yous.... The swallows have nested ....... work that yin out military intelligence ... yes that title is an oxymoron, intelligence in the military is like expecting to find some in yer elected government, not going to happen.  

What amazes Old Knudsen the most is the amount of non- English speaking people that search for sex, tits, old man sex , horse fucker, midget sex and the favourite one .... fuck.   They also misspell them, bless their horny hearts.

 Keep on readin, Old Knudsen knows what you sick fcuks like.... Oh and shame on you all... Time to go and feed the parakeet.