Monday, 28 May 2012

More Fight Club To Not Talk About

More Old Knudsen fight club pics. If you could fight anyone at anytime who would it be? Justin Bieber needs it for being a wee child that things hes a playa, so annoying with his hair hat and gurly blow job lips.

Mark Zuckerberg for Timeline and messing with Facebook settings all the time. Also fer being a bit creepy .... its the hair cut and the whole same crap clothes everyday thing. His wife has a small ring ya know.... tight!  Facebook stocks fell on the same day he got married .... makes ya think huh.

Mitt Romney. Old Knudsen cannae keep track what he is for and what he isn't, he keeps changing his mind to get the votes then there is the whole, 'all us Christians should stick together' thing many Christian groups don't want to touch the Mormons with a stick, nice try Mitt. Oh and he hates weemen and has converted all yer dead ancestors to Mormonism whether you like it or not .

Yer Ma for being a cockasidal maniac. Padlock that blurt ya horny she witch. Yer ma is such a squirter she'd give an Archer fish a run for it's money. Her nick name is the human super soaker. 

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