Friday, 25 May 2012


Cornel West is  a Princeton University professor and supposed intellectual. Old Knudsen doesn't like him as he is one of those dickheads hung up on colour and slavery. Everything ends up being about race with this man which shows you can have a massive education but yer issues will still make you as dumb as fcuk.
West was going on about how crap Obama is (would Romney be any better?) saying that Obama is too worried about his legacy to be able to do his job.

Old Knudsen got to thinking about legacy.

Even Angelina showed her legacy its obviously an issue many think about.

The thing is that people have the memories of goldfish and history gets lost on them, its like those people that read an e-mail and only pick up on the last two lines. 

These are the same people who pretend to like the Foo Fighters because its a cool band to like and it gives you instant cool reward points. 

Mention to many of these people under the age of 30 that Dave Grohl was in a group called Nirvana you'll either get, "No fcuking way, really?" or "Never heard of Nirvana what did songs did they do?" 
Its sad but there you have it, they most likely know Grohl for guest appearing as the dancey dance friend in the children's stoner show Yo Gabba Gabba. 

Instead of Grohl's legacy being Nirvana or having a great career afterwards it will be

Go crazy go crazy go crazy go crazy.

So what will Obama's legacy be?

Its a no brainer, he was the first black American president and breaking that race barrier ...... even though hes half white but lets not get hung up on colour who are we Cornel West ? Ya can't please that fella.

He'll get remembered for flying planes into the twin towers ....... shoulda changed yer name.

Maybe he'll be remembered for shooting his name alike Osama, the one that George Bush couldn't find.

What about for being cool? there has only been one other president who has had the cool factor as Obama has and that was Bill Clinton. 

Whose legacy was fcuking a fat chick and tugging one off into a sink.   

Obama has been compared to Jimmy Carter. A one term president that was on the whole pretty useless. Thanks to the incompetent Republicans Obama will get another term but he isn't useless, more like idealistic and overwhelmed.

To quote Cornal West "A shite dancer and a mediocre basket ball player, I've heard that his dick is less than 8 inches long which makes him a disgrace to us black fellas .... I bet he never yells at movies and hates fried chicken-izzle."     Ok he didn't really say that but he might have.

Old Knudsen knows that his own legacy won't be for saving the world countless times or shagging yer ma, yes Old Knudsen probably is yer real Da. For Old Knudsen will be remembered as being the greatest blogger of all time. 

You won't remember why Old Knudsen is so great because all you'll remember are the odd choice picture from his blog.

Old Knudsen forgives you. For yer legacy will be having an Interweb search history that would make a priest blush .......... oh and a sticky keyboard.