Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hulk Conflicted!

Pool attendant/ amateur DJ  Paulo Henrique dos Santos, from Brazil .... where the nuts cum from painted himself green to be like the Hulk for some fun run.

He couldn't get the paint he had used before during a previous venture so he used what he could get. It turned out to be paint used for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines and he soon realised that it wasn't cumming off.

Ya think yer having a bad day then ya read about some green dude who after 20 washes still has to sleep in a room lined with plastic bags.

 The bright side is that the 35 year-old wannabe super hero doesn't appear to be suffering any ill effects .......... now lets crush that bright side.

The local press ran pictures of his mother trying to remove the paint  and referred to her as his girlfriend. 
A lovely woman Old Knudsen is sure but gurlfriend material? Old Knudsen would tap it but no date it.

It was only after a load of friends and neighbours joined in to scrub the dirty fcuker did Paulo get his old colour back, well a few shades lighter but not Michael Jackson worthy.

Oh Paulo! Jesse Jackson says yer a cunt and next time go as Powerman or some other proud black super hero. 

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