Thursday, 17 May 2012

Half Naked Hotties Do London

Marks and Spencer  also known as M&S, Marks and Sparks or Markies is a British retailer that thinks its better than it really is. People would use a Marks and Sparks plastic carrier bag to imply they are upmarket posh cunts but in reality they are Daily mail reading Tesco shoppers who hang on Simon Cowell's every word as if it was important. 

M&S has won the Old Knudsen seal of approval this week by managing to find 5 hot weemen and parade them around the streets of London in sexy under roos. London gets all the good stuff.

Called the Jubilee collection to celebrate the Queens up and coming jubilee can you imagine her majesty wearing this gear? Old Knudsen can.

Can you imagine normal weemen wearing that gear? Seeing everyday people beside these Amazonian goddesses makes you wonder what the neanderthals thought when they first saw Cro-Magnons.  

Can you guess what Old Knudsen's thoughts would be?  Of course you can't that would be like a cockroach trying to second guess Einstein.

Other retailers should learn from M&S on how to get free publicity like on  major blogs such as Old Bitter Balls . 
The side effect being that now when Old Knudsen sees a Marks and Sparks bag under the arm of an Adele humming posh pretender he'll probably get a full on jubilee chubby..... Public we warned.    


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