Thursday, 31 May 2012

GOT Midget Sex?

Old Knudsen was getting fed up with everyone going on about having been an extra on the HBO TV series Game of Thrones.
Old Knudsen once fought Charlie Chaplin and won he also smelled the bathroom after Marylin Monroe took a dump on board JFK's private yacht so Old Knudsen has plenty to brag about.

Game of thrones ......... Old Knudsen is hooked, he loves the hacking people in half with swords bits , the naked weemen, the midget sex, the naked weemen , titties flapping about everywhere oh and the storyline, whatever that is. Any storyline that has naked weemen getting it doggy style every week is worth an Oscar says Old Knudsen.

Now because of GOT if Old Knudsen inquires about the price of an item in a shop he'll ask, "Is that the gold price or the iron price?"

He feels it has made him more understanding towards midgets and now calls the wee fcukers 'imp' or 'half man.'

The audition was odd but sometimes you must do odd things to get the job.

"You're a savage Old Knudsen, rape her like you mean it in a barbarian I eat horse kind of way, don't worry Emilia gets this every other scene shes used to it."

Old Knudsen put his all into the audition, she was shite though. They must have been unsure as they had to have me do another scene.

"Hes a half man and he loves the full man inside him, pump that imp."

After shagging several other cast members including a Dire wolf Old Knudsen realised that he'd auditioned for Game of Bones instead.

Next up is an audition for the BBC TV show Sherlock, except they misspelled it Shercock.