Friday, 11 May 2012


Many folks work over the weekend and at nights, weekends just don't mean anything anymore and those who work Monday - Friday 9-5 can just go an fcuk off. No matter what hours you work when the week gets to Friday just the thought of it cheers you up right? If it doesn't then maybe this will.

Still not cheered up? well maybe you should go to a head doctor and get put on some Sinestro cos you are manically depressing.

Ok then last chance to cheer you up as Old Knudsen is all about the happy.  Blogs like Old Bitter Balls helps to make you forget about the natural disasters, the bombings and the starving children because who wants to hear about that shite when you can have a wank over some bloke with fish up his arse? ...... Its amazing what the homeless will do for a few quid.



MJ said...

I do believe you've outfilthied Filthy Friday.

Wurdin Edjwize said...

You and your mood altering alchemy?
I am pleased to report that the last photo completely erased the fishy bum image. Thank You.

Reggie said...

Dude you post some gross shit.

Old Knudsen said...

Hitler would have loved my blog.