Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cameron Is A Posh Fat Headed Man Baby

Three cheers for David Cameron. Firstly for being a shite Prime Minister, secondly for looking like a posh fat headed man baby and thirdly for cheering at a football result.

Wheres that wally? 

Britain has always had a grudge against Germany ever since Germany tried to take over the world twice causing the deaths of millions ........ you'd think you'd get over that after a few years but no Britain enjoys putting others doon because if we aren't putting others doon then we're doing it to ourselves, especially anyone who makes it big oh gog help them.

Such behaviour you'd only see in the American black community when someone suggests, "yeah maybe I'd like to stay in school and get a free education" WTF.

If you don't believe Old Knudsen then go compare the London riots to the LA riots then after that go compare fashions, attitudes and the list goes on.

Not the point, the point is that only David Cameron can turn a British  soccer victory (as seen above) in front of the loser Germans into an embarrassing defeat. Way ta go Cameron with don't want you on our side and hey, enjoy the memes you've sparked.

Baby Cam