Wednesday, 2 May 2012


James Cameron the Canadian film director of Piranha II the spawning and True lies is a true explorer/pioneer of the modern world.
The 5 times married Cameron recently did a 5 mile in a submersible into the Mariana trench which not some bint with a massive snatch its the deepest part of the world's oceans.

Old Knudsen muff dived in yer ma's stench trench last night ......... the author of this piece feels the need to add this insult as that is how he rolls.

Cameron is known to be a perfectionist with a bit of a temper.  Read between the lines here, the man is a cunt.

Old Knudsen isn't really a fan of his straight forward non- imaginative directing but has seen Avatar .......... back when it was Dances with wolves.

Wait! Old Knudsen was just handed a news flash, James Cameron has lost it and plans to destroy the world.

Ok we've changed the direction of the asteroid now remind me again how we are supposed to catch it

The world has limited resources thinks Cameron but look, asteroids can be caught and mined. Yes you merely lasso one with a 'space rope' and bring yon 500 ton asteroid closer to earth to get worked upon.

Asteroids may contain water, iron, nickel, cobalt, silicate and alien eggs.

Just what the world needs. A movie director diverting asteroids towards the earth. Then the last part of his plan will be unveiled, "we just land these suckers in Texas, Arizona, Ballymena or France, ya know somewhere shite, "  

Many thought the world would end because the Mayans couldn't count or by the hand of God but no, unless god is a Canadian its going to be Cameron destroying the world.

If this post has you thinking then consider this. If he was god why would he make that awful Titanic film? I mean children dying in Africa is terrible but that film was far worse than any of that.  

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