Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Baby Powder Pills

So the Chinese are dealing out pills that contain baby powder ....... no not Johnson and Johnson baby talc its real chopped up human flesh dried powdered babies. 

Supposed to make you feel like a big man and cure all yer ills but these capsules really contain super bug diseases among other things. Who cares?

Old Knudsen would rather cover the topics that you want. Stay tuned for the style evolution of Brad Pitt and 10 easy ways to satisfy yer man in the bed room, yes a huge plasma TV is one of them and OMG my baby was born with bat wings. Yes Old Knudsen will manage to get tits into those posts somehow.


Reggie said...

The Chinese will eat anything. I'm surprised that they haven't started preying on each other.

They'll be eating Soylent Green before it's all over with.

Wurdin Edjwize said...

That's odd I don't remember Brad being the New Kids On The Block?