Thursday, 5 April 2012

Smoke The Recession Away

To help the world's economy Old Knudsen will do a commercial for a high price item, 'cigarettes.'

Called cigarettes in most of the world in the UK they are often called fags which is very confusing if you go on the website . What the fcuk  does god know?

Look how cool the man in the above picture looks and how he also appears a little younger than his 48 years thanks to the cool factor built into every pack.

A study has also proven that hot weemen love men that smoke cigarettes. You often get cigarette groupies depending upon which brand you smoke.

Cigarettes also make you sexy. 

Mothers!  can't get yer baby to quiet doon? just blow some refreshing smoke in it's face and yer baby will settle.

Got a chesty cough? A few puffs on a fag will sort you out.

Trying to stop masturbating? A smoking habit is less of a social taboo as you can smoke while watching the kiddies play in the school yard but not tug the lad.

Chances are that yer Hollywood heroes like to smoke. Wouldn't you like to get bitten by his nicotine stained fangs?  ...... Doesn't he look cool?

Don't listen to people that say cigarettes give you cancer.

Every other week doctors say one thing gives you cancer and then change their minds the week later. The truth is that medicine isn't a science, its a theory and doctors are in the vast conspiracy to keep people sick in order to sell their drugs.

Old Knudsen sees a woman with another hole as a bonus, yes he always tends to look on the bright side, no issue about swallowing or not swallowing then.

Smoking is a thing the whole family can do together and you'll no need to redecorate yer home as the steady application of fags will do it for you and dirty yellow never goes out of style.

Go out now to yer bank and get a loan so you too can smell like the world's elite .    



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