Thursday, 5 April 2012

Royal Robots

In a move inspired by the 1972 film 'The Stepford wives' the royal family have been killed and replaced with robots..... all except Harry who is too much of a free spirit and they can't get his nose right nor the proper shade of ginger.  

In a statement by George Osborne the Chancellor of the Exchequer: "This move is one of many austerity measures we must endure to protect this nation's economy. The royal robots have been in use over the past 3 months and no one noticed so I think this will be a tremendous success and cost cutting venture."    

He went on to remind the poor, old and sick that he had not forgotten about them and they will get services cut and a rise in taxes soon. 
He also gave out a stark warning. "Anyone giving aid to Camilla Duchess of Cornwall will feel the full force of my execution squads .......... Come in from the cold Camilla its for the best." 


Old Knudsen discovered pictures of earlier versions of the Will and Kate robots. These bots will still be used when traveling to Commonwealth cuntries and Ireland and anywhere else that doesn't really matter. 

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