Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Blood Presure Gets Higher Than Yer Rockets

In memory of his father's many failed rocket launches Kim Jung Un launched his bigger and harder long range missile that disintegrated within minutes of liftoff. Old Knudsen's cock stays up longer than a North Korean rocket.
Yes the world is mocking you yet again North Korea, you and yer silly over sized hats. Now the US is cutting yer food stamps cos you were silly buggers.

Kim who is a dedicated body builder is known as the 'Strong man of the rice triangle' to save face after his rocket failure he may have to blow some shit up or say something distracting about Obama's birth certificate being false .

Another Kim made the news as she was in court to testify that a home laser hair-removal system worked as she claimed it did.
Under oath she said,  "Being Armenian and hairy, I thought TRIA was the perfect product."

Old Knudsen can second that. He only has to visit her hoose for 5 minutes and he is picking hairs out of his teeth for weeks.  

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