Thursday, 5 April 2012

Media Bias And Spin

So when Trayvon Martin was shot for allegedly standing about looking innocent with a packet of skittles and an ice tea the media cried "racism" because Trayvon was only 17 and the shooter was Hispanic.
Old Knudsen ignored the race shite and noticed they showed pictures of Trayvon looking very young (it was taken when he was 12) holding a baby.... only a puppy could have been sweeter.

They ignored the pictures of a current looking Trayvon with his shirt off flipping the bird and doing gang signs. They ignored the fact that Trayvon AKA No_Limit_Nigga on Twitter was 6 '3 foot tall and 160 LBS.

Then there was the blood on the shooter's  (Robert Zimmerman) head consistent with his head being banged off the concrete in a fight for self defense .... just as he had said.   

 The picture the media released of 5'9 tall Robert Zimmerman was the one on the left taken in 2005, not the smiling chappy on the right studying law and being a neighbourhood watch man. 

NBC edited Zimmerman's 911 call and made him sound as if there was a racial motive for the shooting ........ caught out NBC.. HA! 

The truth is being slowly leaked out despite the media bias and the idiots marching in hoodies 30 seconds after it happened.

Old Knudsen called it on day one.  

The media have been lied to enough....  Don't piss on Old Knudsen's leg and tell him its raining.


Heff said...

Great post, knuddy.

Old Knudsen said...

I see truth not spin