Monday, 23 April 2012

I Like Big Butts And I Can't Deny

What a couple, Kim Kardashian and new boyfriend Kanye West are. Two of the biggest egos in the celebrity world . Yes Old Knudsen knows that this relationship is mostly for publicity oh look they just happen to be walking about the street.

Can you imagine these two having sex?

Kim: "Oh yeah baby I bet you like this"

Kanye: "Yeah honey but I bet you like this more"

Kim:  "I bet no one makes you as hard as I do cos I'm so hot"

Kanye: "Well I'm so hot I get hard just looking in the mirror"

Then you have the competition to see who can make the other cum the most. Kanye has a mirrored table in his hoose and it isn't to snort drugs off its so he can look at himself while watching himself on TV .

Kim: "Does this make my ass look big?"

Kanye:  "Well yeah you got serious junk in the trunk, your ass looks massive"

Kim: "Good" 

Hold on there I have to stop you. I know Kim has a big bootylicious set of curvaceous buttocks and I'm happy for the man that gets to tap it but J-Lo has the best butt of all time.

Her farts smell like a summer meadow. 

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