Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dude Wheres My Glock?

Police officers doing the 'police stand' sometimes you can tuck yer hands in the sides of yer flack jacket depending on the style of it. Do ya no have pockets!

A big- ish issue in Northern Ireland was a police officer from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) who left his gun belt behind in a house after they raided it.

The belt contained his glock pistol, pepper spray, cuffs, flashlight and probably a boomerang and a zip line like yon Batman fella has.
The raid was in North Belfast on the home of an Irish Republican Socialist Party activist, in other words a shit stirrer who love the terrorists.
You'd think that leaving yer gun behind was bad enough but no 'it was left sitting on a bed of a child'

The police officer noticed his lack of a service firearm when he went to pistol whip a disabled puppy and returned to the house 20 minutes later, "Er can we have our gun back please?"

The dissident republican trouble maker Eddie Campbell wasn't home for the search his wife was but had to go to get the kids from school.
A family friend let the police back in when they returned saying they had left some 'kit' behind. The friend Paul * Slasher* Little went up with the officers and so witnessed where the gun was.

Things you just can't deny.

There were no kids in the hoose but it was on a child's bed! of all the places that sounds bad to leave a gun.

Peelers with their guns but they do look a little lost. One of them performs the 'Police half stand' with his hand in his flack jacket. 

So moron of the year goes to the gun-less policeman. Why would you take off yer gun belt during a raid? To crawl under a bed maybe? Too fat and uncomfortable to wear it? Children's beds and cots are well known places that terrorist types hide guns and bombs so back off the outrage a tad.

Not realising you had it on you when you left was maybe a result of the adrenaline rush after the raid ............ nah fcuk that yer an idiot and got caught being one and no doubt yer fellow officers will be kind enough to remind you for years to cum. "Got yer gun with you?" 

The republicans won't let you forget it. Lucky it wasn't found before the police came back, "wot gun? I never saw no gun".

The officer may be facing disciplinary action due to this but he is still on active duty. Do they not suspend them until the hearing? suspension is not a punishment but is a safety procedure so what the fcuk?

In normal work places an employee gets suspended if being investigated. The PSNI should realise that the spotlight is forever on them as it is on other police forces.

In Northern Ireland three police firearms were lost or stolen from 2005-2008. 

An officer was disciplined after leaving his gun in a supermarket toilet in 2008. Staff found it making sure to wash their hands afterwards and said that the officer needs more fiber in his diet and didn't flush . He'd forget his own head if it wasn't screwed on.   

Another gun was reported stolen by an officer from his home, but recovered in the house. "Fcuk wheres my car keys? fcuk wheres my gun? I can't find it anywhere ..... damn you Tequila, no wait it must have been stolen by those hookers last night".  

The third was lost after an officer said he left it in his locker on retirement. Let Old Knudsen guess, he was quite attached to that thing and his home has not been searched. 

* Slasher* was added for dramatic bias



Wurdin Edjwize said...

The entire police department has gone to hell since Commissioner Stuart McMillan & his Wife retired..they always figured out what to do and it usually only took about an hour.

BBC said...

Well, we're surrounded by fucking idiots.

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