Friday, 16 March 2012


Old Knudsen is a troubled man my friends ........ well thats what that cunting judge said but what does he know? Also if my psychiatrist goes on about anger issues again I'll smash his fcuking skull in and strip the flesh from his bones and feed it to my pet pot bellied pig.

Because of all the celebs who have stripped off for PETA Old Knudsen now equates animal cruelty to naked weemen. As if Old Knudsen's wank bank wasn't disturbing enough.

 If that wabbit was getting shampoo injected into its eyes Old Knudsen would get a full on blogger chubby.

Don't tell Old Knudsen what he would not do with his dog! Wearing it would be the least of things.

I thought I'd add that last picture to show you how diverse Old Knudsen's disturbing wank bank really is.

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Reggie said...

Wank bank?!? Dude you seriously need to do better.