Saturday, 24 March 2012

Tourist Bored

A very typical Northern Ireland lass ... the place is teeming with them. 

There was a tourist conference held in Belfast ........ Northern Ireland which as we know is a part of the UK ........ thats United Kingdom not the Ukraine as one Yank I met thought.

Ok so now we know where we are then.

Some Americans that look into how to better yer cuntry were at the conference on tourism and suggested we drop the 'northern' in Northern Ireland.
Old Knudsen was made well aware of the fact that many Americans don't know about the border and just think of it as Ireland which is a big problem for tourism.

We came for leprechauns and got carjacked by an angry drunk marching band. 

Northern Ireland and Ireland are two separate cuntries try to get with the program people ..... where is Northern Ireland? well its at the north of Ireland , ok ya got me there. 

Right then smart arses. South America! Its not America and Old Knudsen just recently discovered that it wasn't even in the American civil war fighting to hold onto slavery.

Austria! Hitler was right, its just Germany who are we kidding?

Korea, Cambodia, Thailand! all just China.

Why don't we stop relying on people knowing the correct place names when doing a Google search for holidays online and number all the cuntires of the world?

So if ya want to get the fcuk kicked out of you or if you'd rather have yer kids touched up then book yer holidays carefully.



Reggie said...

You might be a tad crazy, but at least some of the women there are hot as hell!!!

Anonymous said...

This is friggin' hilarious! Old bitter balls gets a babe every time!