Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mitt Romney's Shame Uncovered

Mitt Romney the Michigan Mormon and son of G.W. ............. Romney may not get elected for his stance against ghey marriage or his lack of knowledge about female contraception. What will get Romney elected as the next US president will be his firm chiseled jaw and perfect hair.

He may the kind of person who blanks out in the queue looking up at the fast food menu above the counter not knowing what he wants to order holding up the line even though he gets the same fcuking thing every time but he looks the part of a president.

Old Knudsen has uncovered Romney's secret. During his days of struggling to make ends meet on a paltry CEO's salary Romney posed for some scantily clad underwear shots for  Hunter Green's out door supply catalog.  

When faced with the truth he told OBB News: "I was young and I needed the money, may history judge me by my heroic good looks and firm package."

Rush Limbaugh was unusually unavailable for comment so Old Knudsen will call Mr Romney a 'slut!' on his behalf.  



BBC said...

I'd rather fuck a Mormon chick than a Catholic chick.

Reggie said...

Romney is a fucking idiot. He clearly doesn't have a clue. So by George W. Bush standards he'd make a great president.