Saturday, 24 March 2012

Loosing Sight Of What Is Real

The shooting of Trayvon Martin. Old Knudsen is conflicted. Its not trendy to be conflicted. Put yer hoodie on and grab yer skittles like the rest....... don't think! don't look for spin just look at the pictures taken a few years ago of Trayvon holding a baby and think of the outrage.

In the US some people are trying to see this as a race thing. Old Knudsen is above all of that and sees it as a people thing.

Old Knudsen hates wannabe cops like George Zimmerman who shot Martin in an alleged self defense. He was on patrol as neighbourhood watch and had called 911 upon thinking that Martin looked suspicious (eating skittles while being black) but Zimmerman insisted on confronting Martin because well hes an over zealous dick... big man with a gun.  

Yes there is a history of Hispanic on Black crime and visa verse, if it was a White man it would be the same result  .... if it was a Black cop it would be the same result. The victim race card is in play so it doesn't matter who shot him.

Americans see anything anti-black as being a touchy subject more so than anything Hispanic or Native American, it all depends at the timing. Students wearing brown or black pride t-shirts to school will often be overlooked but if a white kid wore a white pointy hood all hell would break loose... the world is convenient at times. 

Its all a load of shite. All people are tossers no matter what their colour.

Old Knudsen doesn't buy the whole turning people into pillars of virtue after death.

An example from early 2012:

What no pictures from a few years back holding a puppy?

The stabbing of a young man in a London Foot Locker shop had friends say what a nice person Seydou Diarrassouba was, he always welcomed you with a warm friendly smile. It turns out that Seydou otherwise known as 'Nutz' was in the London street gang ABM, which stands for ‘All ’Bout Money’. It was a rival gang that killed him.    No one ever says what they are really like.

The police in Floria are targets because they upheld the 'Stand yer ground' law which Zimmerman is using as his defense. 
Old Knudsen believes that Martin had no right shooting Martin but knows what teens can be like having seen US bus drivers pull over and call the police as the school kids (gurls) fight each other on the way home from school.
They can be right mouthy shites but that is what yer fist is for no yer gun. 

Neighbourhood watch is for watching and reporting, he may of thought he was a cop on the edge but no he was a poorly trained loser who would probably fail the psychology testing. He has now put a bad light on all law enforcement much like yer twat who peppered sprayed yon students.

Its a delicate subject which has grown into a cause .

Old Knudsen would love to shot some hoodies around here but can't until the law catches up with his ideas.

Only Zimmerman knows what happened and so Old Knudsen reserves judgement and ignores the spin. Let the celebs do their token (excuse the pun) hoodie marches. Justice needs to be seen to be done but it will never be enough. Trayvon Martin isn't a tragic loss of young life anymore, hes an issue.

UPDATE:  It seems that common sense won through and George Zimmerman was found not guilty and acted in self defense.

Zimmerman is guilty in the eyes of many as soon as he pulled that trigger but Old Knudsen is reminded of the case in Northern Ireland when two soldiers were pulled from their car and beaten to death by a mob.
They had guns and even fired a warning shot but didn't use their guns on the crowd. Being considerate gets you dead.
Zimmerman was getting the fucked knocked out of him by a bigger and stronger foe, if he didn't use his gun he'd be dead. 


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