Saturday, 17 March 2012

George Clooney Banged Up

George Clooney was arrested outside of the Sudanese embassy in a protest to the Sudanese government who for years have condoned the killing of their own people by government hired militia.

George, his da and a couple of others went peacefully with secret service agents. The only disruption was a line up of traffic. A security van delivering the prized 'Royal Ruby of the Sudan' had a little difficulty getting through the embassy gates due to Clooney well wishers and fascist pigs. 

If they have even so much as bruised his arm Old Knudsen will turn that place into a car park.

The arresting officer looks strangely familiar maybe Old Knudsen knows him from Nam. Ach Nam was terrible. I can still remember all their faces as they screamed, but thats enough about all the hookers and gurly boys Old Knudsen banged during the war/police action.  

Don't worry folks it didn't take long for George to be released. Fcuking legal system. A criminal is arrested in the morning and released in the afternoon. Old Knudsen just hopes they were gentle with him in the cells even though time was against them. Clooney had always thought that some day he'd be arrested for making Batman and Robin, maybe the karma for that movie will be a lot harsher.


Reggie said...

If Clooney wanted to impress me, then he should have smashed one of the arresting cops in the pie hole so they could have booked him and throw him in general population.

That way he could have gone all out and gotten raped in prison. Then again, I'm sure that wouldn't have been the first time he took it up the ass.....he looks the type.

MJ said...

Off-topic: I see that we can’t get follow-up comments notification on your blog anymore, thanks to a change imposed by Blogger.

If you want to permit follow-up comment notification on your blog (and I hope you do,) I’ve done a post about how to do it here.