Friday, 24 February 2012

Swept Off Her Feet

Old Knudsen met a lovely lady at a local social club, we got talking and I must say a little bit of flirting did go on. The night was getting late then she looked right into Old Knudsen's eyes and said, "I'm gonna have a piss than after that you ya wanna go back you your place for a night cap?". Old Knudsen is a sucker for womanly charm so he agreed dooning his drink to give him courage for what was to cum.

The walk home was difficult as she pinned Old Knudsen to many a wall in order to insert her tongue into his cavity filled mouth. "Ach I'm no just a piece of meat" said Old Knudsen feeling that yet again he was picked up for his beauty and not his brains. She unzipped Old Knudsen's troosers and took a hold of his huge erect blood filled penis, "and what a fine piece of meat you have".

Old Knudsen blushed, she seemed ever so shy at the club, must be when the fresh hit her.

The pair reached Old Knudsen's chateau and tumbled in. She sneezed as she caught a whiff of the ocean breeze air freshener, it was to mask the smell of cat piss as Old Knudsen's house is constantly invaded by a ginger tom from 2 doors doon..... must have a fcuking key the wee shite.

Old Knudsen looked at whats her name, her ample boobage and tight fitting dress, the tacky hand tattoos her dark eyes that see all but notices nothing but her own reflection.  He allowed himself a cocky smile.
 "You'll be walking funny tomorrow."

"Ooooooh" she giggled "time to ride that big cock of yours?"

Old Knudsen reached behind him and locked the door. "No I'm gonna cut off yer feet."



Reggie said...

Nice chesticles!!!

Heff said...

By the look of her, those feet probably needed a REST.

Jari Lindgren said...

Ahh, why cut her feet, just chain her to the bedpost...