Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Movie Star Time Travellers

You may have heard the rumour that movie star tax dodger Nicholas Cage is a vampire due to this picture of some bloke from the 1800's who bares a striking resemblance to the Season of the witch star.
WRONG! like many others in Hollywood and government jobs he has merely sold his soul to Satan.

Matthew McConaughey war veteran and Failure to launch star is also soulless.

What do these movie stars get for giving away their ticket for eternal choir singing with the heavenly host?
Immortality is the reward, unlike Old Knudsen who just can't be arsed to die in case he misses something these divas get to live forever. Now and again they have to make movies so bad that the Devil can pop up and make deals with many movie goers to have that memory taken away for just the price of a soul.  Enjoy The wicker man did ya? you weren't supposed to.

Why don't you rent out Battlefield Earth or Wild Hogs Old Knudsen reckons you'd be selling yer soul for forget me pills after that. If you haven't seen any of those well maybe you have and you can't remember you soulless pleb.

Or they may just be time traveling demons, who cares as long as they tell us who they are wearing? Matthew Broderick can be seen here with his evil looking hound of Hell. You can tell she loves the taste of man and would suck ya dry in an instant.

It must be a drag for some of them. Famous for failing to blow up some English and then a load of unwashed liberals use yer face for their cause. 

Of course they deny it, that right there is one of the signs of guilt but Old Knudsen knows the smell and the taste of evil, as it says in the Bible, "Better out than in-th".

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Reggie said...

I wonder how much dude got for his soul.....then again, I wonder how much I could get for mine?!?