Friday, 17 February 2012

Manners Cost Nothing

It seems that Old Knudsen does not treat weemen as people. He was only kidding when he said, "if you didn't have the crack between yer legs I wouldn't be talking to you" Just as weemen wouldn't be talking to me if they didn't think I'd shag em ............... I'm no just a piece of meat I have feeling too which I'll be happy to discuss after a jolly good roger over a wheelie bin.

Old Knudsen it seems has be a perpetrator of  'benevolent sexism' . Holding doors open for weemen, offering to carry shopping and offering back rubs etc........ The back rubs has gotten me banned from quite a few shops ah well live with yer pain then and don't expect any foot massages either. 

Maybe referring to weemen as 'love, dear and pet' was taken in a belittling way. So Old Knudsen searched the Interweb to see what younguns call weemen, 'hoe, slut and cum bucket' seemed quite common as long as you don't call them 'chick' I suppose.

Thinking back I also let men go ahead of me and hold the door open for them too, ach I'm a bad bad person......... I suppose someone will say, "you aren't being polite, with men and weemen its a sign that you feel dominant towards them. "

Old Knudsen feels dominant to most people, male or female, black or white, tall or midget. Will it get to the point where saying thank you will be taken as an insult? Its true that when Old Knudsen says 'thank you' in his head he really says 'fcuk you' but thats just him.

Manners and politeness are seen in the UK as a weakness, if you let a car out of traffic or someone cross the road in front of yer car 8 times out of 10 the person will ignore yer action as if they are entitled to go anyway or they will shoot you a dirty look.

Old Knudsen won't stop being chivalrous nor will he stop holding open doors and if they don't acknowledge him as many do he also won't stop calling after them, "Yer welcome".  You can't please everyone all the time but if this goes on, when people really do need help no one will offer .


Heff said...

Speaking of manners, the term "midget" isn't politically correct.

The correct term is "little people" unless, of course you're referring to your PENIS, then "midget" would probably be appropriate.

Reggie said...

I'm a gentleman. I believe in putting all women on pedastals, high enough to look up their dresses.