Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lord Lucan Found

Its all true Lord Lucan the aristocrat who went missing in 1974 after allegedly (he totally did it) beating his children's nanny to death and battering his wife with a lead pipe is alive and well living in Africa. Recently a watch of his was found by an antiques dealer in South Africa and now there is a story that 2 British engineers saw him in an African pub 12 years ago.

The fcuker is still there! If you want to place a bet at the bookies the odds are at 8 - 1 that he is found alive in Africa. Since he was a lord an all with rich friends it seems that justice wasn't much of a priority then and so it was suggested he drown himself in the English channel, case closed and he was declared dead in 1999.
Sandra Rivett the 29 year-old nanny has gone the way of Mary Jo Kopechne the 28 year-old campaign assistant killed by a drunken Ted Kennedy in 1969  ..... Expendable bodies cast aside by the rich and powerful.

Other famous people have been found in African pubs too.

Steve Fossett you old faker anything for a quiet drink away from that dick Richard Branson. A couple of bones matching Fossett were found at Fossett's crash site but its not like DNA is an actual science so can it really be evidence? Old Knudsen thinks not.  A millionaire may of had extra bones or even a clone grown for this purpose or dug up a relative with the same DNA.

WHAT? Jimmy Hoffa! Old Knudsen is going to have to find himself a new African pub as this one is attracting the wrong kind of crowd.


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Reggie said...

I wonder what the nanny did to force him to have to pound her like chopped meat?!?