Friday, 24 February 2012

Iran? Old Knudsen Never Runs

Old Knudsen is faced with stupidity, apathy, incompetence and incontinence everyday. Do people wake up and go out of their way to piss off Old Knudsen? he thinks so. Maybe there is a class at university in which you are taught how to be mind numbingly moronic. "I have a degree in annoying Old Knudsen" It must be a popular class.

So much fail in the world to choose from that Old Knudsen will pick one of the nations we are about to go to war with.
Iran who has been a minor bad guy on the world stage for ages is yet again being a cunt.We know their prisons are full of people accused of spying .

Like the extremely hot Roxana Saberi who was jailed for 3 months and all the not so hot ones who you probably won't hear about.

We also know they harass ships near their waters by lying and saying they are in their waters and that they once captured 15 wussy British sailors and marines and paraded them about before releasing them.

Passive aggressive shit. Should they have nuclear weapons or even nuclear power? Old Knudsen thinks not as they are stupid and a little crazy.
No one wants to go to war with them but it seems inevitable. It will be very messy and knowing the west it will be a half arsed job. Bomb them don't invade!

Here is what has Old Knudsen's goat up. Iran sent 2 warships into the Mediterranean and through the Suez canal for the first time since 1979 who knows where they are going?

What Iran has said. The mission is to display "the might" of Iran to regional countries and Tehran's "message of peace and friendship".

When Old Knudsen sees Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the street he will make sure he gives him a friendly, peaceful punch on the back of the head.

Ach so much stupid. In theory Iran should be allowed to go wherever it wants and have civilian nuclear power........... Would you let someone that looks like a pedo near a school?

 If I saw these three I'd call the police. Yes I know, looks can be deceptive for instance.

Cars that turn into killer robots. Old Knudsen has to key many a car to check they are not robots in disguise.

Also hot chicks whom you'd assume that because she is hot she be really good in bed. Old Knudsen was greatly disappointed.

If ya wanna great shag from a chick that does the heap then try Susan Boyle. Just say Old Knudsen sent ya, she is on Old Knudsen's speed dial for a booty call.

Stock up on ammo and tins of beans people, thanks to Iran its gonna be a long stupid one ..... for the love of Gog.  


Donn Escapeons said...

Hear Hear! I was surprised to read that Germany is delivering a brand new Submarine to the Israeli Navy..sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it? Timing is everything in life.

Since Uncle Sam is trying to goad Israel into doing all the heavy lifting, I predict that the Iranian fleet will not-so-mysteriously sink out of sight.

I always suspected that Susan would be a tiger. I would hope that you wrapped all of your crystal in newspaper before she released her coitally induced high notes.

Reggie said...

Those people in The Middle East should try masturbating more often, or at least college basketball.