Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Harsh Mocking

There was a recent story about a woman born with 2 vaginas. She spoke about it on TV which took her a lot of courage to do. The reaction? ............. offered a million to star in a porno.  Here is a picture of 2 useless cunts. Obama recently said he 'deserves' another term, what is he going to do when he loses cry its not fair?

The UK has always been at least a decade behind the US so you'd think we'd know what was going to happen. Fcuking immigrants getting all the jobs ruining our cuntry. Yeah Hitler said that too. Old Knudsen would rather work with a dirty slav or a smelly beaner anyday than a lazy local.

The UK wants to pretend it isn't in Europe and Scotland wants to pretend it isn't a part of the UK.

A local representative by day and a cross burner by night. Humanity will always find a way to keep itself doon by blaming others.

The Feds decided that in Callyfornia majority does not mean truth and called Prop 8 totally ghey.

Gurly boys are back in style!

Nazis and the Catholic church. Old Knudsen never gets tired of mocking them.


Reggie said...

You and your damned trannys!!!!

Old Knudsen said...

Don't judge until ya try it.

Reggie said...

That's okay, I'll take the zero.