Monday, 13 February 2012

Gene Pool Improved

A sheep has given birth to a ‘half-sheep half-human’ baby in Sokoto, Nigeria. The kind of head line you'd expect to find in Ballymena.

Spooked locals have demanded to know who the owner of the animal is........ maybe they want to know if he has a name picked out or needs any baby clothes. The same thing happened in Turkey a while back and a mob killed the beast which right there shows you those savages aren't ready for the EU.
Rick Perry was right, Turkey is run by Osama loving terrorists.  

Old Knudsen is surprised more of these births aren't happening as many weemen just aren't making the effort anymore.

Fcuking hot or what? the only thing that could make these gurls hotter would be a fake orange tan .... C'mon gurls make the effort, I'm no asking ya to wash yer lady gardens or anything just slap on some lipstick. 

Remember to have safe sex people, yes make sure the barn door is locked.



63mago said...

No gurlyboys?

Reggie said...

Thank you for not putting any trannys in this post....for once.

Old Knudsen said...

The two weemen at the end have not been checked for cocks.

Reggie said...

You really know how to kill the joy don't you?!?