Saturday, 18 February 2012

Edwin Poots Hates Fags

Yes its true, Northern Ireland Minister of health Edwin Poots hates fags. He hates the taste of fags, the smell of fags and only indulges when hes had a drink or two ............ he also hates cigarettes.

The rule for giving blood in the UK is : After the whole 80's aids scare for example you'll catch aids from toilet seats, drinking from the same cup etc, no ghey men could give blood ever. The ban was lifted after a while and now men who have not had homosexual sex for a year can donate.

Its like them asking if you've had a tattoo or picnicked in the Congo in the last 5 years ..... you can lie if you wish so not really a serious rule.

The lifting of the ban was only on the UK mainland. Mean while back in hillbilly land, er Northern Ireland the ban is still in place and oh remember weemen yer not allowed to have abortions either so don't you lot get any ideas.

Mr Poots has been accused of having large ears and a goofy grin (by me) and “outdated, irrational prejudice” by others.
The shortage of blood supplies in Norn Iron means we have to send for more from .... yep the rest of the UK but no its nothing to do with what Edwin Poots thinks of turd pushers....... really.

Poots the Young earth creationist has only mentioned ghey and bisexual men, maybe he doesn't think that weemen in Northern Ireland can get aids or that prison ghey ........ yes I'm looking at you paramilitaries doesn't count. 

Old Knudsen suspects that like his old job as minister of culture Mr Poots will get moved on as he seems pretty clueless maybe he should be made minister of farm equipment and sheep worrying.


Reggie said...

Yeah after Rock Hudson up and came down with AIDs we were all supposed to be dead in ten years.

Shit didn't go down like that....maybe he ended up with it because he was continuously going down.

Old Knudsen said...

I shall post news of Poots resignation when it happens. Ah the power of OBB.