Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Well Bred And Undead

Old Knudsen is expecting the peelers to knock doon his door any moment ........... yes he is always expecting that but really this time.

It was only yesterday that he made a comment elsewhere on the Interweb stating what he has known for years.

Earlier in the week a body was found on the Queen's Sandringham Estate so Old Knudsen said it was a young runaway that the royals had been feeding off in order to live forever. Like duh! it wouldn't be the first time and since Prince Philip died in hospital recently ya need a body to bring him back but ya all know that.

I mean who would survive over a Christmas weekend in an NHS hospital having heart surgery? 

Well the news has caught up and now the media is trying to figure out which young runaway has been found. Old Knudsen says keep looking he also says that the Queen's henchmen are sure getting slack, I blame the recession.


Reggie said...

Yeah I blame the recession too.

Foot Eater said...

He looks like the old prostitute who, after giving her client genito-ocular satisfaction, said: 'I'll keep an eye out for you, young man.'