Saturday, 21 January 2012

So It Is


Old Knudsen used to know this bloke who was the dullest shite ever. The most annoying thing about him wasn't the flat tone in which he spoke or the fact that he spoke really slowly or his forced little ha ha ha laugh. The most annoying thing was that he finished every thing he said with a useless phrase at the end. When Old Knudsen couldn't avoid him I'd hear him out and then I'd wait for his useless phrase, for example: "I almost forgot my keys today ha ha ha ................................................... so I did" or "I'm really tired today ha ha ha ............................ so I am". Old Knudsen would wait for it and the more Old Knudsen got annoyed the compulsion to use the same idiotic phrases would pop up in his own head .... so it would.

Lots of people in the northern part of Ireland say this, yes the island is filled with morons. Why the fcuk must you add unimportant shite to the unimportant shite you've just said? Its it to not just make yer point but to really make it?


Reggie said...

I used to work with this guy and he'd end every other sentence with "and shit".

He'd say something like "We need to take a solid look at that to see if it's feasible....and shit".

Or, did you gentlemen finish your reviews....and shit?!?

The topic really didn't matter, he'd always find a way to sneak that ending in.

Once I was sitting in his office and someone on his staff had a birthday. One of the young ladies that reported to him walked into his office while we were talking about something and asked us if we wanted some cake.....and shit. I told him, I wouldn't mind a slice of cake, but he could keep the other. You know, he had the audacity to look at me as though I had some kind of problem.

Maven said...

Oh, holy Hannah, how I've missed reading your blog (it gets websensed out at work--where I used to do the bulk of my blog trolling).

Foot Eater said...

I, er, have a friend who's a serial killer and he says a Northern Irish girl he dismembered said, 'That's cramped, so it is,' when she was going in the suitcase.