Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sheep Pervert To Exploding Convert

Liam Neeson a simple lad from sheep loving Ballymena which is one of the many the bible belts around the troosers of Northern Ireland had an epiphany while staying in Turkey.

Paraphrased from a Greek chorus of eye  witnesses who were also in Turkey:

"Ach my Catholic religion is good an all but diddling little boys is so last week, blowing yerself up and getting 72 virgin sheep now thats what a happening young man from Ballymena wants."

 Will he or won't he convert?

Now Old Knudsen knows that many hundreds of people get comfort and love from religion no matter which one it is and to condemn religion as the opium of the masses and a constant excuse for hate murder and destruction and unlike immigrants it is the #1 woe of the world would be wrong ..... Old Knudsen knows this, nah its only good for shite stirring and consider yerself a mongish sheep if you take the bible literally.

Liam me lad accept Old Knudsen as yer personal trainer and give to me yer riches in this world so that ye may be saved in the next to join yon cosmic soup.     


Anonymous said...

Fuck that fenian COCKSUCKER.

63mago said...

YEahyeah, tell'em honey!
You need to get back in shape! Have some Haggis and man up! And where the heck is that bird ?!

MJ said...


Reggie said...

Sheep just taste too damned good to be buggering them. Gotta love the Scots. They only wear those kilts because sheep can hear a zipper from a mile away.