Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Sex On A Stick

Lisa Woodman  was "shocked and humiliated" to be turned away and given a life ban from three clubs in Worcester in the West Midlands, Engerland of course, the land where men don't like weemen.

Mode, Tramps and Velvet are the clubs in case you want to boycott them in support.

One doorman told her she was "too old" to wear revealing outfits although she is only 28.......... she looks 27 if you ask Old Knudsen.

The poor lass split from her partner last year leaving her with four screaming brats  (is she a 4X4?) a face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle and no regular cock to call her own so she got a boob job and went to the gym ................. no not a plastic surgeon for her face or a therapist for her low self esteem but still, there is only so much you can get on the NHS.

Then she hit the clubs in her fuck me now I'm easy clothes and got no satisfaction.

She has complained to the company that owns the clubs but they don't care and she is miffed that gurls in their early 20's wear sluttier clothing and get in.

I think the clubs would say something like, "just because you CAN wear the clothes doesn't mean you should".

Old Knudsen is disgusted! yes add OMG and WTF? to that.  Why are sexy hot weemen not allowed into clubs? Old Knudsen would do a long weekend on this lass. Sure paper bags would be used but still.


Donn Escapeons said...

hold on a minute...
Was it not St Patty himself who said, "Tis not eh face yee focke, but the focke yee face?"

What is wrong with these young fellers? Have they no concept of what a little experience can do to improve your day?


Reggie said...

She looks like a tranny.

CyberCaptain said...

Poor lil lass was not let into the club, go to UAE, everything goes there

harry said...

Oh I'd hit dat shit RUNNIN'!


Old Knudsen said...

You Weeman lovers make my heart sing, except for Reggie who is way too picky.

Reggie said...

I prefer my women female if you don't mind.