Monday, 9 January 2012

Insurgent Big Cats

Things you don't except to read about in the Belfast Telegraph. A Leopard attack in Eastern India. Is this the first wave of a Lemur world invasion? I wouldn't put it past the wee bug eyed fcukers.

Will Old Knudsen have to defend the world again like he did when the Silver Surfer tried to feed our world to Galacticus ?
Ya know I just can't be aresd right now maybe a lemur invasion will jump start the economy unlike the various middle east wars that do nothing but drain our resources.We need to pick our fights a lot better............ Hey Iran stop it with the crazy eyes or I'll knock you out! guess who wants to be the new North Korea. Just throw some aid at them to shut them up.


Anonymous said...

Geez, this site is bloody clever. Who's running the show here? Why haven't I seen this before? Is it too outre?

Reggie said...

If my penis was that small, I think I'd don a kilt and not silver paint.